Looking to connect with your fellow writers? In addition to the usual chatter you’ll find on project threads throughout the library, we have a discussion Discord set up where you can talk about writing. It’s also a good place to connect quickly with your fellow members, get tips and tricks, and generally hang out.

Click here to proceed to the server!

Before you go, please read the following to understand the server structure and rules:

Channel Rules

1. Be excellent to each other. Harassment, bullying, flaming, creeping on other people, and generally being a dick will not be tolerated.

2. Do not spam the channels. As in, don't post the same thing over and over again or otherwise flood the channel.

3. No NSFW stuff. Sorry, but at the moment, we can’t allow smut or otherwise NSFW material out of consideration for our minor users.
- 3a. No whump. While we welcome creativity and understand that our members' interests vary from our own, please refrain from excessive talk about the torture, torment, or general abuse of characters. Violence or the covering of these themes in fiction is fine so long as it's restricted to fiction and so long as ample warnings are given, but the glorification of or otherwise using the server to derive pleasure from these actions crosses into uncomfortable territory (not only for former abuse victims but also for those not interested in torture, period) that we cannot support. (If you do wish to continue such a conversation with a member, please take that to DMs.)

4. No advertising. Or, more specifically, it's okay to advertise your threads/work in the Promo category. It's also okay to post work from non-CL members with a link to credit them. It is not okay to advertise another board, another server, goods, services, etc.
- 4a. Also, please post in Promo channels only once an update to avoid flooding out other users.

5. No discussing illegal stuff. Fangames are fine. Discussing where to pirate the actual games is not. Sorry.

6. Try to stay on topic for the channels. While we're largely lenient about this, please do your best to stay on topic to avoid flooding out actual on-topic discussion.

7. Keep self-promotion to a minimum. Sure, everyone's excited about their stuff, but be mindful of the discussion going around you. Don’t talk about your work in discussions where they wouldn’t fit.

8. Keep heavy personal info to a minimum. Please note that your fellow members may not be emotionally equipped to handle a lot of stress. While some of us will be happy to listen to you, it’s better to talk about personal issues in DMs, not publicly.

9. Do not use this server to criticize other members behind their backs. If you have opinions about a story or a member-run event, please leave your opinions in a review or contact the member directly. Suggestions for the community go in #community-dev , and complaints go in a DM to staff.

10. When in voicechat, please be respectful of others' needs. No loud or irritating noises or screaming, please, and be aware of what's coming across your mic!

Sensitivity Policy

Here at Canalave Library, we strive to create a welcoming, safe atmosphere for fanwork creators of all walks of life. In order to do this, however, we need your help. That means we have tight but fair policies regarding sensitivity towards the racial, gender, religious, and cultural identities, as well as orientation, of others. In other words, we do not condone offensive statements here at Canalave Library, and we ask that all members respect the identities and viewpoints of your fellow users as you chat with them.

“Offensive statements” is a highly broad term, so to briefly define it, we have three criteria. Offensive statements are those that:
1. are unwanted by the recipient/are otherwise unsolicited—specifically, comments about another user’s identity/self or comments about identities or controversial viewpoints in conversations that otherwise are not about these points.
2. create an intimidating, hostile, or degrading environment or directly insult a user’s identity.
3. could be reasonably expected to have the above effects, with regard to the circumstances.
In other words, if your statement could offend a single person, could make the atmosphere highly uncomfortable for others, or would very likely result in an argument or highly offended users, then chances are good you probably shouldn’t say it.

To further break things down, there are two possible consequences to posting offensive statements on Canalave Library, and it comes down to whether your comment is overt or subtle. Please note that you will not necessarily be banned for the latter.

Overtly offensive statements are those that are very obviously some form of bigotry. This includes any derogatory remarks regarding race, sex, gender, sexuality, religion, political affiliation, or physical/mental health. In short, if you post statements that are, even jokingly, very clearly speaking terribly of an entire group of people, these are overtly offensive statements.
Penalty: Users caught posting such content will be banned. Period.

Subtly offensive statements are trickier to define, as the name suggests. It's impossible to expect everyone to understand everyone else, as we all come from vastly different walks of life and thus come at different issues in vastly different ways. When something is subtly offensive, the person sharing this thought might not be aware that the statement they're expressing could be considered offensive to others. As such, by necessity, it must be treated differently than overtly offensive statements. Subtly offensive statements may include topics that cover such ground as: classism, abortion, immigration, rape culture, etc. The best way to avoid such statements is to read the room. If other members are clearly becoming uncomfortable, please switch topics. Alternatively, please consider discussing these topics in #adult-conversations, a special room designed for the discussion of topics more controversial in nature for the purpose of sharing ideas in a civil manner between, well, adults.
Penalty: Please note that all instances of subtly offensive comments are judged on a case-by-case basis. In all cases outside of #adult-conversations, a mod will step in and ask that the subject be changed. You will be expected to drop the subject as soon as that happens. This is the first step. (Note: In #adult-conversations, you will simply be told in-chat that what you’ve said may be out of line.)

Beyond this, we have a three-step policy of sorts.
1. For a first offense, you’ll be taken aside by a mod, who will then explain what’s going on, why what you’ve said might make someone uncomfortable, and how to avoid situations like this in the future.
2. For a second offense, you’ll be kicked from the server. (You can rejoin once you’ve thought the situation over and come to understand what happened.)
3. For a third offense, you will be banned. Also note that this is generally for the same type of offensive statement, not for three entirely separate concepts, and again, we judge everything on a case-by-case basis.

Please note that the above policies apply to discussions. If you wish to discuss fiction (including your own works) that touch on these ideas, you still can unless you’re glorifying clearly offensive ideas.

As strict as the above may be, please keep in mind that our ultimate goal is not to police our members or to restrict their freedom of expression but instead to build and reinforce an atmosphere where everyone can feel welcome, regardless of their background. So to that end, we thank you for reading and hope we can work with you to build a safe haven for all Pokémon fans.