Welcome to the Canalave Library, a Pokémon fanwork forum. We accept and encourage creators of all varieties in our community, and as such, we strive to create an open, safe, encouraging environment to foster creativity.

However, we can’t do that alone. So, by joining our forums, you agree to and accept the following rules:

General Behavior

1. Flaming, harassment, and cyberbullying of any variety will not be tolerated.
This extends to both call-outs and sexual harassment (even in a joking manner). Don’t be rude to your fellow members, and don’t make others feel unsafe with your behavior.

2. No spam.
For our purposes, spam includes posts irrelevant to the thread topic, excessive multiposting (i.e., three or more posts in quick succession that don’t contain a story), one-word responses, and responses that only contain an image or emoji.

3. Only multipost if you’re adding content to a thread.
Updates, review responses (followed by chapters, not more review responses), and chapter or review parts if you’ve hit the character limit all count as thread content.

4. No advertising outside your signature and dedicated threads.
While it’s okay to bring up your story where it’s relevant, do not post in someone else’s thread specifically to advertise your work. (Don’t write a review that’s predominantly “this is what I did in my story” either.) Likewise, while you're welcome to post links to your story on archive sites (see stickies for details), advertisements for anything else (other websites, specifically) are not permitted outside of your signature.

5. Do not violate the TOS. Canalave Library is served by boards.net, which itself is part of Proboards. Thus, Canalave Library is subject to all parts of the Proboards TOS, especially #18, which states that the following content is strictly prohibited and may not be posted to our forum:
- Pornography/explicit material (Yes, this means we cannot accept “lemons” or any other content of an explicitly sexual nature.)
- Content that promotes or glorifies racism, sexism, or any other hate towards another people, or that uses terms associated with hate groups and movements
- Libelous content
- Content that glamorizes drug usage
- Content that solicits personal information from fellow members (That is to say, no, you may not sell things or otherwise ask for money from your fellow members. Advertising any other good or service for any other reason is likewise prohibited.)
- Distribution of copyrighted material (Read: No distribution of unedited ROMs or discussion of where to download them.)

6. No mini-modding.
Mini-modding occurs when a member tells another member that they’re breaking a rule. Not only is this unhelpful (as it doesn’t notify the mods that there is an issue that needs to be addressed), but it also risks triggering an argument between members, hindering the welcoming and encouraging atmosphere Canalave Library stands for, and feeding members misinformation or misinterpretations of what rules actually mean. Instead, if you see a problematic post, use the report button or notify an online mod immediately.

7. Signatures must be kept at a reasonable size.
Please do not exceed 400px in height x 1000px in width, and do not include images over 100 MB in size.


8. No plagiarism.
All work posted to Canalave Libraries must be your own. Do not copy other people’s work, steal other people’s art, or so forth and attempt to pass it off as your own. Doing so may result in your posting privileges being restricted.

9. As mentioned above, inappropriate content is prohibited.
While Canalave Libraries accepts work that depicts violence, drug use, implied sex, or other adult themes, we cannot (as in, cannot, not do not) condone explicit depictions of sex, extreme and realistic depictions of violence and gore, the glorification of drug use, or portrayals of other adult themes in ways that may be insensitive. When in doubt, ask a mod for whether or not your fic crosses the line.
9a. We likewise absolutely cannot allow discussions of where to download unedited, copyrighted ROMs, nor can we allow the distribution therein. While we allow discussion of fan games, please do not encourage piracy.
9b. Finally, no excessive swearing. Characters who swear like sailors are fine so long as you warn for them (see below). Narrators who swear like sailors are not. Additionally, you may not use words that are commonly thought of as hate speech, including the N word, the C word, and pretty much every derogatory word for a group of people you can think of.

10. All content that contains anything mentioned in rule #9 must include [M] in the thread title and must contain warnings at the top of the first post describing the content you’re handling.
In other words, do not post fics containing violence, implied sex, or other adult themes without proper trigger warnings.

11. Do not beg for updates or replies.
On both sides of the creator/audience line, do not beg. For authors, this means you may not write posts that go on about how few reviews you’ve gotten. For reviewers, this means you may not send the authors messages or post in their thread asking for another update. Additionally, reviewers may not demand that an author respond to their review. Reviews and updates will come eventually, and sometimes, an author has nothing to say in response.
11a. On that note SYOCs are not allowed, as they are essentially begging for reviews.

12. When reviewing, treat the author and their work with respect.
Constructive criticism is not only allowed but encouraged. HOWEVER, criticism must be written with the intent of helping a content creator grow. Snarky reviews or reviews designed to cut down a content creator will not be tolerated and will be considered a violation to rule #1.

13. Content designed to bash fellow members, fellow fans, characters, entire groups of people, and so forth are not allowed.
These will be considered violations of pretty much half of the General Behavior rules, mentioned above.